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My Law Firm
AirSplash, Inc. just released a new iPad application. The new app is dedicated to the legal community and is called, "My Law Firm." It is useful for attorneys who want to take documents, audio recordings, videos and picture evidence into court on their iPad. The software keeps all the information private with a double password […]


Alonso Consulting just introduced an all new design for the web site http://www.thebestdwidefense.com (aka: thebestduidefense.com). Besides having a new look and an easier-to-navigate structure, it also has a refresh of all the state laws. The new site now includes a brand new section with listings for rehab facilities in all fifty states. Each entry includes […]

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iPad 2–Part 2
In a previous post, I wrote about the deficiencies that I discovered in the iPad 2. I also admitted that I would be a lemming and purchase one on March 11th. I am pleased to publicly announce that, at least in this instance, I resisted the urge to buy anything Apple puts out and calls […]

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iPad 2–The Missing Features
I like what I have heard about the Apple iPad 2. I like that it is 33% thinner and supposedly much faster without losing battery life. I will be one of the multitudes who will be buying it on March 11th, 2011. However, that has not blinded me to the fact that the media is […]

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AirSplash Media Safe for the iPad
AirSplash Media Safe is a password protected media organizer, document safe, private browser and slideshow viewer in one exciting and highly functional product. It makes it easy to keep all your private files safe and secure from prying eyes. Unlike other, more expensive products, Media Safe offers you two layers of protection. You can create […]

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Enabling the Partner Repository in Ubuntu 10.04 (Linux)
I am in the process of setting up Alfresco Community Edition on Ubuntu 10.04. In case you don’t already know, Alfresco is an open source collaboration suite that is a replacement for the Microsoft SharePoint offering. It requires that you install the Sun Java Development libraries. These are not a part of the Ubuntu repository. […]

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Amazon Opens Wireless Store
I have to confess that I am a major fan of Amazon. They have consistently delivered on time and provided me with exceptional customer service. Whenever I have complained about anything, they have immediately taken action and not tried to blame UPS or some other third party. This is in sharp contrast with Borders. I […]





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